JUN 2023 - Present

Software Engineer Intern


Implemented Account Abstraction stack from scratch for smoother UX.
Reduced gas sponsorship cost by 60%.
Designed and created a robust on-chain rewards system.
Communicate with users to get feedback on the product.
Technologies used: Solidity, Next JS, NodeJS, Typescript, MongoDB.

JAN 2023 - APR 2023

Full Stack Web3 Developement Intern

Datanominee - Pesu Venture Labs

Implemented Firebase login for the web application.
Redesigned the MongoDB database to optimize queries.
Deployed the web application to AWS Amplify.
Set up NFT storage to upload files to IPFS.
Implemented Instagram Graph API to fetch users’ Instagram posts.
Technologies used: React JS, NodeJS, Javascript, MongoDB, Firebase, AWS Amplify and Graph API.


Full Stack Web Developement Intern

Metier Organisation (Startup)

Created the front end using HTML, CSS,Bootstrap and EJS
Implemented the backend using NodeJS andset up a MongoDB server.
Created the UI for best possible business gains.

2020 - Present


SCET, Surat

Major in Computer Science and Engineering with a CPI of 8.69.


High School

Scholar English Academy(CBSE).

Percentage in PCM :- 93.6%
JEE Percentile :- 96.4
GUJCET Percentile :- 90.2

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